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Green Radio, a 24/7 online Christian Internet Radio, desires to give our hearers New Life through Jesus Christ.

Green Radio is the official Radio of ‘Green Ministries’. The expansion of the name GREEN is ‘Gospel Reaching Enriching Empowering Nations’. Green Ministries is a pioneering Christian mission organization established with a vision to bring forth the life giving message of Jesus Christ against existing decay and deterioration. Green Ministries has set forth its mission to reach every nation with Gospel of Jesus Christ and empower nations to witness the power of the Gospel in this generation. Green Ministries serve and support native missionaries to raise them to become torchbearers of Christ to reach nations with the gospel.

Green Radio also emphasizes in developing native missionaries to serve among their own people to share the love of God manifested in Jesus Christ. Upholding an holistic mission, Green Ministries witness love of Christ and the fullness of life in Christ by engaging in educating and empowering the community from lower strata of the society. Health awareness, Medical camps and community development activities are conducted to cater the needs of the poor and underprivileged society

Many a times we are facing situations where fear abounds as if to pull people down and keeps then in the panic of death. Our lives are so precious to Jesus. He loves us and cares for us more than anything in this world. This is the greatest good news ever told in this world. Our desire is to be with you 24/7 and to reach you with this good news of joy, love and eternal life in Jesus Christ. We bring you Melodious songs, positive talks, Dramas and Spirit filled speeches. Our vision is to offer everyone a NEW LIFE WITH JESUS.